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  • "The environmental appeal of going paperless is important to our clients' customers. They also like the convenience of being able to view bills and statements online anywhere, anytime in either fully-interactive or PDF formats. Being able to make a secure payment from their own bank with a single click makes the whole process very simple."

outsourced e-billing, mobile billing and payment

Outsourced e-billing, m-billing and payment

Add measurable new value to your customer offerings, achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction and lower your day-to-day operating costs. ebpSource offers you a next generation, multi-tenant e-billing, m-billing and payment software platform to lead your industry.

High-volumes, centralised

Benefit from an industrial-strength solution for the management of massive volumes of bills and payments, all on one core platform.

Focus on the customer

Targeted end client applications offering quick and easy access to current and historical bills and a comprehensive range of e-payment options.

Across all devices

Deliver consistent, responsive multi-channel e-billing, m-billing and payment applications, across all major desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

With end-to-end integration

Connect to legacy billing systems, customer service and finance operations, online portals, payment channels, security and IT environments.

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Platform Benefits

Outsourced e-billing, m-billing and payment

Differentiate your offering and help your clients provide a market-leading service

Turn your customers' e-billing and payment applications into a strategic part of their customer service operation, delivering increased levels of customer engagement and heightened customer satisfaction. Contact us below to find out more.

Promote cost savings in customer service, billing and payment operations for clients

Use one centralised platform to promote paperless billing, e-payments, online documents and a leading e-signing experience. Simplify your customers communications with the convenience of a centralised platform for both B2C and B2B operations.

Equip your team with the technology to provide an unrivalled e-billing service

Move away from homogeneous, stand-alone e-billing and payment services. ebpSource offers you a unique, customer-centric, fully-integrated, on-premise alternative to typically high-cost, low-volume, one-size-fits-all hosted services.

outsourced e-invoicing and payment

Outsourced e-invoicing and payment

Are you looking to improve your e-invoicing and payment offering? Is your current business e-invoicing platform fit for purpose? ebpSource provides you with a trusted, proven, solid and infinitely scalable e-invoicing and payment platform. Innovative multi-tenant technology places you at the heart of your customers' business processes.

Offer fully-featured services

Provide your customers with the latest technology standards, for a full-service e-invoice and payment offering which goes beyond the norm.

Safe, secure and trusted

Robust, industry-leading admin, development and operational tools to manage high volumes of users, e-invoices, e-documents and payments.

Eradicate paper processes

Simplify the invoice-to-pay process. Offer fast, convenient online access to invoice details, invoice management tools and a range of customer-focused payment options.

Built to connect and scale

Deliver a scalable e-invoicing service which can be tightly integrated with all aspects of your customers' business, from sales, to finance, to customer service functions.

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Platform Benefits

Outsourced e-invoicing and payment

An optimal foundation for the delivery of new online services

ebpSource's innovative technology provides you with a safe, secure and scalable platform through which to provide a first rate e-invoicing and payment service for your business customers, be they large or small.

A fast-track route to high usage and customer adoption

Drive customer engagement with your e-invoicing services. All ebpSource applications are designed for fast conversion to online channels, with a focus on paper truncation and immediate efficiency gains. 

Reduce time-to-pay and improve collections visibility

ebpSource applications are created to help clients realise rapid reductions in their time-to-payment, whilst also offering previously unavailable financial visibility, over all aspects of the payment-pending process.

outsourced e-signing and e-documents

Outsourced e-signing and e-documents

In a world of tough competition, seize the opportunity to help customers transition to more convenient and efficient ways of doing business. Market-leading technology from ebpSource can help you drive more customer interactions to paperless channels, including enterprise-wide e-documents and high-adoption e-signing.

Optimised for mobile

Remove operational silos and provide your key customers with a full-service e-signing and e-document storage experience.

Freedom from paper

Streamlined tools to manage high volumes of connected customers, e-contracts and e-documents.

Simple, intuitive, fast

Offer a streamlined, secure and trusted e-signing experience, promoting positive customer engagement and raising rates of contract conversion.

All in one place

Manage all communications, from generic documents, to bills, statements and contracts on one platform, providing a smooth, seamless journey for clients.

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Platform Benefits

Outsourced e-signing and e-documents

Set a benchmark for customer acquisition

Accelerate the completion of new client contracts, from days and weeks to minutes, with measurable improvements to contract completion rates, long-term storage, retrieval and data integrity.

Deliver maximum document security

Offer your customers robust authentication methods, secure encryption, legally-binding, court-admissible audit trails, a tamper-evident e-document seal and maximum compliance with international law.

Revolutionise business processes

Enable e-signing for your internal teams to maximise your technology investment and streamline your business processes; deliver faster compliance and speed-up organisational sign-offs.

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