Greidsluveitan, Iceland - leading the way in digital documents

London, UK ... 16th January 2018
With more than 5,000 entities connected since inception and over 3,000 regular ‘sender’ organisations, Iceland’s centrally-run digital document delivery service has reached yet a new service milestone, for what was already one of the most advanced economies electronically.

ebpSource is pleased to announce that its client Greiðsluveitan (owned by the Icelandic Central Bank), is now regularly delivering documents on behalf of more than 3,000 connected organisations, large and small. Accessible through all of the country’s online banking networks, the platform delivers hundreds of millions of financial, government, utility and other digital documents, to a population of 340,000, making it unquestionably one of the most successful platforms of its kind globally. The Greidsluveitan service which was first launched in the early 2000s (at that time the service was owned jointly by the Icelandic banks) has grown to become the nation’s secure and trusted hub for efficient document delivery.

ebpSource and Greidsluveitan, Iceland
The Greidsluveitan service delivers documents to consumers and businesses through Iceland's online banks.

A strong working partnership
Key to the platform’s success has been a strong working partnership between Greidsluveitan, the ebpSource team and ebpSource’s local IT partner Origo. More than two million new e-documents a month are delivered into the service, with a historical archive of many years’ worth of digital documents accessible online. All manner of utility bills, bank and credit card statements, telecoms bills, salary slips, business invoices, passwords, local council notices, service charges and most other financially-related documents are routinely delivered through the service, with the advantages of immediate, single point access - anywhere, anytime. 

The platform provides a mass of value-added content to the nation’s online banking applications, a service differentiator for the banks themselves and a highly secure and efficient location for consumers and businesses to access a broad range of document content. In a geographically extensive and sparsely populated country, organisations can disseminate time-critical documents with speed and accuracy.

"Our national document platform has exceeded every projection since we started working with the ebpSource team."

Says Greiðsluveitan’s CEO, Logi Ragnarsson: “Our national document platform has exceeded every projection since we started working with the ebpSource team. By 2008 we had exceeded 1,000 connected ‘sender’ organisations. Today that number is more than 3,000 regular ‘senders’ and is increasing by hundreds each year. We’re proud that as one of the world’s most advanced centres of connected technology, Iceland also leads the way in digital document delivery.”

Says Steve Wright, Co-founder and EVP, Commercial Operations at ebpSource: “One of the biggest challenges such ambitious national projects face is the onboarding of ‘sender’ organisations. Reaching a critical mass of content is crucial to the success of these initiatives. Once there however, the benefits for all are so compelling, they need little introduction. Of many similar projects undertaken worldwide, the ebpSource team is particularly proud of what has been achieved in Iceland. The country was one of the first to realise this opportunity existed and continues to lead the way many years later.”

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The most experienced team in the international e-billing and payment industry, ebpSource delivers software solutions, consultancy and support to global financial services, payment processors, telecoms, utility, postal and outsourced service providers. The team has unparalleled knowledge in the establishment of highly successful digital infrastructures and supports some of the largest, most prestigious and highest-adoption services of this kind worldwide.

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The company (owned by the Central Bank of Iceland) is responsible for and runs many of the most important payment systems in Iceland. That includes the netting system (settlement of payments between the banks), the digital document delivery service, the SWIFT service and a switching system (hub) for card payments. Greiðsluveitan is also involved in running Iceland’s RTGS system along with its owner the Central Bank.