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  • "In our time working together we have established strong bonds between the teams, both at a commercial and technical level. The breadth and depth of ebpSource's subject knowledge, combined with their proven reliability, qualifies them to implement complex, strategic projects."

  • "The decision to base our platform on world-class technology from ebpSource gave us valuable first-mover advantage in the region. We now benefit from a flexible, functionally-rich underpinning for new services as they evolve. ebpSource's domain knowledge implementing complex e-Billing and Payment consolidation projects like ours has also been a huge benefit to our product development roadmap."

financial e-billing and payment consolidation

Bank-based bill and payment consolidation

Provide a centralised, unified, national or trans-national bill presentment and payment experience for all customers, no matter which channel, or on which device.

All bills, all channels

Receive, view, process and pay all bills through all connected banks and channels; online and mobile banking, branch, kiosk, retail, ATM and point of sale.

Cloud-ready, mass volumes

A cloud-ready, regional-scale infrastructure, built to deliver a world-class customer experience, for the highest volumes of senders and clients.

Safe, secure, convenient

Safe and secure enrolment, activation and registration, and
highly convenient access to a consolidated list of bills, from senders large and small.

To all devices

State-of-the-art desktop, mobile and tablet bill presentment and payment - full SSO integration with existing banking portals, billing and customer systems.

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Infrastructure Benefits

Bank-based bill and payment consolidation

Add measurable value to your online and mobile banking services

Enhance the value of your online and mobile banking experience. Transition bill delivery and payment to electronic channels. Extend the value of existing payment networks and document infrastructures.

Deliver timely information and convenience, to all customer touchpoints

Move away from paper-based billing, contracting, document printing and postal processes. Simplify customer communications and provide the convenience of centralised access to bills, invoices, contracts and other e-documents.

Offer a highly efficient network for connected organisations

Benefit from ebpSource's extensive domain expertise, gained from building and supporting many of the world's largest centralised bank-based e-billing & payment and e-document networks.

financial smb invoicing and payment

Mobile SMB invoicing and payment

Are you looking to maximise new business opportunities and improve customer service to your small and medium-sized business customers? ebpSource's innovative technology helps you prevent disintermediation from competitive, non-traditional financial service providers.

On-the-spot invoice and pay

Help your business clients to better serve their end customers in real-time, with immediate payment options.


A simple, intuitive design with a host of features to simplify the invoice creation and delivery process.

Optimised for mobile

Responsive mobile and tablet first design. Provides maximum convenience to your SMB client base.

Built to scale

Start small, rapidly evolve. A cost-effective platform to deliver optimum impact with the minimum technology footprint.

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Application Benefits

Mobile SMB invoicing and payment

Provide a solid foundation for the growth of added-value SMB services

ebpSource's latest technology provides you with a safe, secure and scalable platform - a core repository of rich behavioural data, through which to maximise significant new revenue opportunities with your SMB customers.

Strengthen the bond with your small-medium sized business customers

Drive customer engagement with your online offerings and reduce the competitive threat from alternative, non-bank invoicing and payment providers. 

Deliver an unmatched invoicing and payment service to end clients

Real-time, on-the-spot, end-to-end invoice creation, presentment and payment - helping your SMB customers to deliver a seamless service to their end clients.

financial e-invoicing and payment

Centralised e-invoice and payment hub for corporates and SMBs

A proven platform to provide a centrally managed e-invoicing and payment service for your corporate and SMB customers. Fully integrated with existing online banking and payment channels, choose from a stand-alone e-invoicing infrastructure, or wider Supply Chain Finance offering.

End-to-end e-invoicing

Provide your corporate and SMB customers with a full-service, straight-through e-invoice and payment offering, including direct ERP/CRM integration.

Safe, secure and trusted

A proven, scalable platform for the centralised management of high volumes of connected customers, invoices and payments.

Online banking based

A fully integrated, single sign-on solution, designed to extend the functionality of your existing online business banking channel.

Eradicate paper processes

Simplify the invoice-to-pay process. Offer fast, convenient access to invoice details and real-time payment options.

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Application Benefits

Centralised e-invoice and payment hub for corporates and SMBs

Extend your online services

Further the reach of your business and corporate online banking channels. Provide a stand-alone e-invoicing and payment service, or use as the basis for a complete Supply Chain Finance offering.

Exploit new revenue streams

Place your financial institution at the heart of your customer's supply chains and maximise the opportunity to deliver new added-value services to both corporate and SMB customers.

Deliver end-to-end simplicity

Offer a range of electronic invoice processing, delivery, storage, download, integration and payment options, simplifying the business processes between buyers and suppliers.

financial e-statements, e-documents and e-contracts

National/trans-national e-document and e-contract infrastructure

Automate the delivery of high volumes of customer documents, directly to existing online banking channels. Remove legacy IT infrastructures, document archives, paper processes and print formats and provide maximum customer convenience.

Unify e-communications

Make online banking the trusted place to access all customer documents; from contracts, bills and statements to schedules, policies and reports.

Support massive volumes

Deliver a world-class customer experience and access to the highest volumes of customer documents, through existing online and mobile channels.

Deliver to all devices

Provide a clear and consistent view of customer communications, through all channels and on all devices.

Maximise resources

Optimise your IT investments and resources. Phase out legacy systems and centralise e-document storage in one high-availability platform.

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Infrastructure Benefits

National/trans-national e-document and e-contract infrastructure

Innovate with new online services

Further the reach of your online and mobile banking channels. Add innovative new services for e-signing, e-statements, e-billing and payment and access to all other connected e-documents.

Streamline the customer experience

Deliver consistent, convenient, centralised access to all customer communications, no matter what the source, no matter what the channel - saving customers and connected service providers time and money.

Strengthen customer relationships

Build brand value and improve your customer self-service and branch/agent operations with simple, fast access to current and historical bill, document and payment content.

financial smart authentication and supply chain finance

Smart authentication and Supply Chain Finance

Trusted, industry-leading technology to support the delivery of new added-value services for mobile-based authentication and the provision of supply chain financing services.

Smart authentication

Use just a smart device to meet the authentication challenge. Remove the need for costly, inefficient hardware tokens, PIN devices and one-time text messages.

Supply Chain Finance

Simplify finance to the supply chain, directly from your online bank. Utilise ebpSource's latest technology offerings to connect your e-invoicing and supply chain finance activities.

Optimised for mobile

All solutions are focused on a highly-secure application-based approach, for a seamless user experience and fast adoption.

Fully featured and flexible

A modular Supply Chain Finance solution, delivering improved invoicing efficiency, supply chain liquidity and risk management.

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Application Benefits

Smart authentication and Supply Chain Finance

Smart authentication

Remove costly, disparate and inefficient hardware and software-based authentication options and lower the barriers to adoption for your latest online services. Provide authenticated access anywhere, any time, all with a consistent, familiar, intuitive and seamless user experience.

Supply Chain Finance

Secure stronger banking relationships and move your bank into the world of low-risk financial supply chain service provision. Offer your customers improved invoicing efficiency, more cost-effective payment options, greater liquidity and risk mitigation throughout.

financial kyc

End-to-end KYC infrastructure

Deliver a nationwide, bank-centric KYC (Know Your Customer) infrastructure - to comply with tighter financial services regulations and strengthened governmental controls, designed to combat fraud, identity theft and money laundering.

End-to-end security

Maximum protection of personal data; quickly identifying and verifying new and existing customers for financial or other products and services.

Efficient data management

The efficient management of customer records, identities and transactions, to ensure optimal service delivery with minimal disruption.

Nation-wide integration

The ability to provide a complete infrastructure to connected bank and non-bank organisations, minimising risk and reducing the potential for fraud.

Fast, automated decisions 

Secure, real-time, data-driven responses, leading to faster transaction approvals and a much improved customer experience.

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Infrastructure Benefits

End-to-end KYC infrastructure

Add security, minimise risk

Benefit from a secure end-to-end infrastructure of connected bank and non-bank orgnanisations, validating vital customer data, to minimise risk and maximise compliance.

Reach faster decisions

Better delivery of financial products and services, to new and existing customers, in the minimum of time, whilst also reducing risk and combatting fraud.

Focus on the customer

Provide an enhanced customer experience, from branch to online and drive more customers to the use of 'banked' products and services.

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