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Who we are, what we do ...

About ebpSource Limited

The most experienced team in the global electronic billing and payment industry

ebpSource delivers award-winning software solutions, consultancy and support to clients worldwide, across a range of industries.

Innovative, national and trans-national infrastructures for:

> Central and national banks
> Payment processors
> Financial service providers

High adoption e-billing and payment applications for:

> Telecoms, mobile, cable, TV providers
> Outsourcing service providers
> Utilities and Governments

Leadership Team

ken mckay

Ken McKay

Founder & CEO

Prior to co-founding ebpSource, Ken spent seven years as SVP and General Manager of the international e-billing software division at CheckFree Corporation. Preceding his time with CheckFree Ken, along with Steve, established international operations for e-billing software pioneers BlueGill Technologies. Ken also held senior international sales management positions with London Bridge Software and Group 1 Software. Ken graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Systems Analysis from Aston University, UK.

steve wright

Steve Wright

Founder & COO

Co-founder Steve also joined ebpSource from CheckFree where for seven years he was responsible for global marketing, partner management & sales. Prior to CheckFree, Steve ran international marketing at e-billing pioneers BlueGill Technologies and Lasercom. Steve is a recognised industry spokesperson in the billing and payments fields and in 2005/6 was Chairman of the Payments Initiative at the Global Billing Association. Steve holds a BA (Hons) in Business Studies & HND in Business & Finance from Humberside University, now University of Lincoln, UK.

john di sebastiano

John Di Sebastiano

Founder & CRO

Co-founder John also joined ebpSource from CheckFree where for over five years he was responsible for international software sales. John has a highly successful track record in global business, having negotiated numerous enterprise software agreements and multi-lateral partnerships in Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia. John's prior IT background includes senior international sales and divisional management roles with Lanier Corporation and Harris Systems, Canada. John graduated with a BA in Political Science from the University of Toronto.

jianbo mao

Jianbo Mao

Founder & CTO

As Chief Technical Officer, co-founder Jianbo has been responsible for overseeing many of the world's leading and most successful e-billing reference application deployments across the financial services, payments, telecoms, government, utility and outsourcing sectors. Formerly Director of Technical Client Services at CheckFree, Jianbo has also held senior technical roles with Tandem Computers, Compaq and Rubus Consultancy. Jianbo holds an MSc in Computing from North Eastern University, China.

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A little more about us ...

Culture and Values

Our Culture

We're a highly-focused team who work closely together, operating free from the hierarchical levels of management found in larger organisations. Lean and efficient, we take the same approach to working with clients and business partners around the world, with a goal to deliver truly outstanding end client applications that add significant measurable value to our customers' businesses.

If you choose to work with ebpSource, here are a few of the 'family' traits we hope you’ll soon find infectious:

> An open, professional and highly dedicated organisation;
> Colleagues who are proactive, sincere and enjoy a great team spirit;
> Committed to going the extra mile for customers, partners and one another.

Our Values

With a long-standing culture of integrating completely within client teams and an open and flexible approach to business, we push ourselves to deliver to the maximum. It’s probably no surprise that those who choose to join ebpSource stay here for the long term.

Our core values:

> Be recognised for excelling at what we do;
> Challenge ourselves to continually deliver;
> Stay focused, even in the most complex and engaging projects;
> Shape our industry and lead our clients and business partners to success;
> Have fun along the way!

ebpSource Timeline

Founded by the ex-management team and key employees from the international e-billing software division of CheckFree Corporation. Prior to CheckFree, a number of the leading team members were part of e-billing software industry pioneers BlueGill Technologies.

Late 1990s

The e-billing and payment story begins

Industry pioneers BlueGill Technologies create one of the world's first software platforms for the delivery of bills and payments across a new global network called the 'Internet'. BlueGill's technology revolutionises how bills are received and paid by customers. Organisations worldwide start to move away from paper, print and post - realising huge cost savings, improving customer service and riding the crest of the Internet wave.


Industry consolidation

BlueGill Technologies is acquired by CheckFree Corporation. The combined company delivers the technology to underpin a United States-wide network for the delivery of consumer e-bills and payments, eventually connecting millions of consumers to hundreds of billers, via thousands of online banks.

Early 2000s

Worldwide growth and recognition

The team that today is ebpSource delivers industry-leading e-billing software to financial service providers, payment processors and large billers globally - in the process, creating some of the most successful e-billing and payment, e-invoicing and e-document networks and applications worldwide. Prestigious recognition quickly follows, at a global scale.


Formation of ebpSource

ebpSource is formed with a mission to build on the team's position as the leading 'source' for the delivery of complex, high-volume 'e-billing and payment' solutions. The company assumes sales, implementation and support responsibility internationally for a number of market-leading technologies and builds on its long-term strategic supplier relationships with clients.


Celebrating a decade of success

Over the next ten years ebpSource will become the stand-out specialist in the niche field of next generation e-billing solution design, delivery and support. Client demand leads the company to invest heavily in product development and partner strategy, branching out into a number of new technology fields, to directly support the growth and customer service goals of end clients.


Global industry recognition

ebpSource reaches the semi-final stages of the Global Open Finance Challenge 2021. Organised by leading banks from Australia, Brazil, Canada and the United Kingdom, and with more than 1,700 entrants, the Global Open Finance Challenge 2021 is a first-of-its-kind event, designed to attract and uncover innovative ideas set to revolutionise the future of banking and payments.

With more than 20 years at the forefront of new payment innovations, this milestone underlines ebpSource's extensive experience adapting modern digital technology to the real-world needs of end customers, banks and payment providers alike.

Career Opportunities

  • Career Opportunities

    We are always on the lookout for high calibre individuals with the following knowledge and skills (tap to expand):

  • Industry experience

    - E-billing, e-invoicing, e-documents, e-contracts
    - Payments and financial technology
    - Telecoms industry experience
    - Enterprise mobile technology
    - General software industry experience.

  • Personal qualities

    - Self-motivated and enjoys being part of a team
    - Full of initiative and a proactive problem solver
    - Strong analytical skills
    - Comfortable in client-facing situations
    - Happy to work to a deadline
    - OK with flexible working hours ...
    - And willing to work extra hours when needed
    - Happy to travel – we cover the world.

  • Technical skills

    - Solution design and analysis
    - Development/implementation skills
    - Project management and support skills
    - Experience with enterprise-scale solutions
    - UNIX: Linux, AIX, Solaris
    - Windows Server
    - In-depth knowledge of Java and J2EE
    - Mobile web (XHTML, HTML5 skills)
    - UI/UX design
    - RDBMS skills in Oracle, DB2, SQL Server
    - XML, UML, HTML, CSS & Perl
    - Web Services, SOAP, MVC, JSF, Struts 
    - Agile, Scrum methodologies

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We'd love to hear from you, whether you're planning an e-billing and payment project, looking at replacing an existing solution, or investigating digital infrastructure options for the future.

A senior member of our sales and marketing team will be in touch to understand your requirements and share details of ebpSource's market-leading experience, technologies and applications.

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